• By Arar Romorosa November 20, 2022 In Business

    Limiting your financial options by getting into crypto solely for the purpose of converting it back into fiat currency is missing out on the deeper truth behind the success of Bitcoin, Ether, and other altcoins. These digital currencies have shown us a new way of

  • By Arar Romorosa November 16, 2022 In Business

    As cryptocurrency gains more mainstream attention, it’s becoming increasingly accessible to the average person. You don’t necessarily need to understand the technical details of crypto to buy it with traditional currencies like naira, dollars, or yen. However, before the 2017 Bitcoin frenzy, buying crypto was

  • By Arar Romorosa November 16, 2022 In Business

    Due to its high volatility, many investors are drawn to cryptocurrency trading as it can offer much higher returns than traditional investments, provided that the market timing is right. However, this increased potential for returns comes with a significantly higher risk compared to less volatile

  • By Arar Romorosa November 7, 2022 In Business

    All cryptocurrencies, regardless of type, share a common feature: they operate on blockchain technology, which makes them decentralized. Decentralization of financial operations through cryptocurrencies offers several benefits over the traditional financial system, including: Significantly reduced overhead costs associated with banks Less expensive transactions that can

  • By Arar Romorosa July 24, 2022 In Programming

    One way many people start learning to code is by picking a popular programming language and jumping in head first with no direction. This could take the form of an online coding course, a tutorial project, or a random book purchase on a specific topic.

  • By Arar Romorosa July 24, 2022 In Business

    Starting a company is exciting because starting a business idea and having it lead to success is rewarding and self-fulfilling. However, it is not always easy to do this, especially if you do not have specific training in this area. A good idea does not

  • By Arar Romorosa July 23, 2022 In Business

    Today, if you don’t have an Internet presence, it looks like you don’t exist. And the truth is that this statement is not badly misguided. More and more businesses are realizing the importance of a website and launching into its presence. But, for a fashion?

  • By Arar Romorosa July 23, 2022 In Branding

    Table of contents: Build Your Business Model and Find Your Niche Choose a Brand Name and Logo for Your Business Take care of the Practicalities Source Your Products Branding and Advertising Conclusion The convenience of purchasing items has grown exponentially, and if you’ve determined that

  • By Arar Romorosa March 25, 2022 In Activities

    Its a 1 year IT mission conducted by the Filipino community in Saudi Arabia, approved by the Department of Education in Saudi Arabia and the Philippine Embassy. Our mission and vision are to help our kababayans, (Filipinos) in Saudi Arabia to learn and get knowledge

  • By Arar Romorosa November 26, 2019 In Branding

    As Vintage decided to have a closer look into fast-paced New York web design realm in person, we get to acquaint with most diverse and exceptionally captivating personalities. We encounter professionals with careers to covet and lives to write books about. As Vintage decided to

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